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 6 Key Advantages of Recycling Your Old Equipment

All organizations and businesses maintain a sustainable waste the energy in which IT equipment refurbishing and recycling plays a crucial role. Government regulations are in place to deal with the toxic waste and dispose of the IT equipment in an eco-friendly manner. Corporate electronic recycling plays a crucial role in ensuring the same. 

Let us have a look at the important benefits of recycling your old equipment: 

Decrease landfill space

Landfills are growing are at a fast pace across the world. This implies that people are consistently trying to discover more and more space in order to dump their waste. When you recycle your IT waste you help in reducing the quantity of waste that ends up in landfills.

Prevent toxic waste

When electronic waste is taken to landfill sites, it takes up space and the electronic items release harmful toxins that not only damage the environment but also the health of living beings. IT equipment comprises of chemicals like mercury, lead, cadmium, and beryllium. When your equipment is recycled effectively via local electronic recycling or end of life hardware destruction, you prevent the chemical toxins from being released into the air and water and thereby, reduce environmental pollution.

Decrease in manufacturing cost and energy

Only around 2 percent of the materials in your computer cannot be recycled and 98 percent of your PC is capable of being refurbished and recycled. This includes the keyboards, the glass from a monitor, cables, computer casing, batteries, circuit boards, and a lot more. Reusing the materials from such components implies that there would be less manufacturing needed to make new materials. This further implies reduced energy consumption and cost.

Better Health

As mentioned above, the chemicals from electronic waste can prove to be damaging to living beings. The toxins that are released from these chemicals through the water or air can lead to health complications like kidney and brain damage. When you recycle your old IT equipment, you help keep the water and air clean and safe to use.

Secure data disposal

The mere deletion of files from your machine does not ensure that the data has been effectively wiped. Securing data has always been vital and since the release of GDPR, the safety of data has become all the more important. Dumping your IT equipment in landfills without adhering to the WEEE guidelines is illegal and the ones who do so are fined heavily. When you recycle your IT equipment with the help of a reliable and professional IT disposal center and utilize the services of hardware data destruction, you can be assured that your data will be fully destroyed.


  • Old laptops and computers might not be of any use to your business anymore but there are a lot of people who can benefit from your old and used devices. Be it people from underprivileged backgrounds, schools or charity organizations, by recycling your old IT equipment and donating it to charitable organizations, you help for a good cause and also save the environment. 
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